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It’s Grammy night and I must admit that (as the young folks say) I feel some kind of way.  Why? I’m not impressed with the lyrics I’m hearing on these “songs” here lately.  It seems as if anything goes.  But be that as it may, the nominees for the recipients think they have produced something phenomenal enough to be given recognition.  So I’ll watch.  I don’t take away the fact that recording artists put in a lot of time and physical exertion to produce their end result.  It’s an offensive end result I have an issue with.  

Nonetheless my thoughts tonight are on the winners in all of us.  I believe that people are born with a winning strength which oftentimes gets overlooked or goes underdeveloped.  What’s yours? If you’re reading this, share with someone what it is that you do well and what it took for you to get to that place? Tonight you deserve the award and recognition for that gift that you have.  Tell us about it…..

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