Shawnette Somner

The Power of Addiction and The Struggle to Overcome It

This article was inspired by my Aggie friend, Jeff Nixon, who gave me this title to write about before he passed away suddenly an unexpectedly on Thursday, December 13th, 2018.  Rest in eternal peace, Jeff!  Aggie Pride! When people hear the word “addiction” most people probably think about drug addiction […]

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Teaching Girls How to Define Boundaries

This article is inspired by Jenita Speller Bardlavens who asked me to write about “teaching adolescent girls they have the authority to say no (implementing boundaries with friends) without guilt or feeling obligated.”   The topic of young ladies and how they carry themselves is a topic I am passionate […]

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Getting Unstuck and Moving On…

This post is inspired by Marsha Smith and Lisa Whitehead. Marsha asked me to write about “how to overcome being stuck in the rut whether it’s a career path, an unfulfilling relationship, or embarking on a venture that you’ve always dreamed of” and Lisa asked me to write about “how […]

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