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Dealing with the C in the CRAP…….


Other people’s criticism of you can chop your self-worth down and make you feel devalued.  Critical people rarely offer any suggestions for self improvement while sticking by your side to help you get to that next step.  Rather they continue to make negative and disparaging remarks which serve one of a few purposes:

  1. to cause you to quit whatever it is you were trying to achieve;

  2. to make you feel badly because if they can achieve that goal you’ll revert to #1;

  3. to make themselves feel better because they’ll feel as if they’ve accomplished something.

People will talk about you.  They’ll try to tell you how you should do what you want to do – and get mad if you don’t follow their ideas.  Continue journeying on anyway because in all likelihood those same people who criticize you won’t quickly become a member of your fan base anyway once you’ve achieved your goals. Give them something to talk about by continuing on your path to your dreams and goals.  Never allow other people’s criticism of you put the brakes on your desires.

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