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Do I Dare?

This article is inspired by Sarah Tufts-Robinson.

Everyone reaches a junction in their path of life where the four way intersection seems to sometimes cause more confusion in a decision making process.  Think about it as a road, except on this road there are no traffic lights, only stop signs.  You are sitting there and you have to decide if you should turn right, turn left, go straight, or U-turn to go back in the direction from where you just came.  You can’t sit there for any prolonged period of time because you will inevitably cause a back up in traffic that will come behind you.  So what do you do?

When you are not sure where you are going, you must still make a choice to go one way or the other – and hope that you will move in the correct direction to your destination. There is not a lot of room for what ifs which could potentially keep you from heading toward something great.  “What if I make the wrong turn?”  Well, I’m here to ask, “What if you make the right one?”

Traveling along uncertain paths is not necessarily a bad thing.  There are things you will see along the way that perhaps you’ve never seen before.  There are people you may encounter who may end up being your greatest resource for chances not yet presented.  There are other stops you may have to make to re-direct, but you will eventually get to where you wanted to go.

The road of indecisiveness is paved with untapped opportunities.  But you’ll never have the full experience of any of them if you just sit there at the intersection of decision! Travel new roads and give your potential, which is likely stagnated,  a chance to expand. Believe in yourself!  Make a move!



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    1. You’re very welcome, Sarah. I know you have MUCH untapped potential so I hope what I have written will help to motivate you to even higher heights!

  1. Shawnette I know all to well this subject as I have had to make a decision that I felt led by God to take! I felt the need to leave a secure job and follow a path that I believe has been set long ago! Now how I was going to get there I couldn’t see! All I experienced was fear of the unknown! After a while both my husband and I felt the need even more to go, and the journey began! I will tell you this, if I looked at the naysayers, the many pitfalls and delays on the way I would have never left my island, however I waited in faith and just two weeks ago we embarked on a journey! A journey of faith, a journey of trust a journey of maturity! And I have no regrets! I’m excited and can’t wait to start school in January!
    Thanks be to God for leading us!

    1. ABSOLUTELY!! It’s amazing how many people are paralyzed by FEAR!! That can certainly keep some people stuck at that 4 way junction. I wish you and your husband loads of happiness and success in your new venture!

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