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Do others recognize you?

Recently I posted some “ancient” pictures on my facebook page while having a chuckle that I recognized most of them from my childhood.  There was one that held a caption, ‘PLEASE STAND BY”. That was the black and white television. Oh, how I remember! When I was a child the announcer would say, “We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please do not adjust your set.”

The words, “please do not adjust your set” have continued to resonate in my head.  How have we adjusted our “sets” to fine tune, to create an image for others to recognize with their ideology of what we would be if we appeared “clear”? How have we changed ourselves so much that people may possibly not recognize us anymore.

In the quest to be liked, loved, accepted, complimented, praised, and raised on a pedestal, people often make so many adjustments that they don’t necessarily become what others want them to be but rather someone that is now so out of touch with self they’re left to deal with more fine tuning on the continuing journey towards pleasing others. Take time to recognize some of your best qualities – whether other people like them or not.  Reflect upon your purpose on earth and be you.  And in the process you just may find out that you like yourself just the way you are. Please….do not adjust your set.


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  1. This is so true. Often times I use to ask my partner, “What is the one thing about me you would like for me to change or work on?” She would usually say that I was fine the way that I am. One day her response was, “How about you focus on all the good things I like about you and keep being you!” That resonated with me. Like Billy Joel sang – “I love you just the way you are!” We have to love ourselves the way we are and not change to please others but rather find a way to display that quality sonthat others appreciate us just the way we are. Instead of adjusting my set I enhanced to HD and became even more “in your face”!

    1. YES! You exhibit such courage….and while some may not agree with you I think a great trait that you have that others can aspire to is that of walking without fear!

      PS….thanks! 🙂

  2. I’ve always believed I did things according to what pleases me. I’ve learned through establishing many relationships, it’s hard to please others. Happiness can only be achieved from within. Throughout the vast number of relationships I’ve encountered, those that have stood the test of time has been proven through those deep embedded friendships created while in college. Attending one of the greatest HBCU universities, NCA&T has allowed me to be me and no one else. At 58 yrs old, I find I’m still learning about life, laughter, love, leadership,compassion, family,etc. Every day brings about new learning, deeper love of God, Man and self.

    1. I can agree that time is a great test on relationships no matter what kind or with whom. Thanks for sharing what I hope will inspire others.

    1. Yes! I also think that people’s personal experiences definitely have an impact on how they feel about themselves…….a rough “beat down” in life’s journey can make you hate yourself or love yourself……

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