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Feeling excited about something not so good?

Last night I went out with some friends after work.  I didn’t want to carry my big work bag and I didn’t want to carry my wallet in my hand, so I removed some cash from my wallet and I seem to remember putting it in my pocket.  I left my location and walked a block west to my car to drop off my work bag and my laptop.  Standing about 20 feet away from my car was someone I recognized as…well…let’s just say…”a repeat offender.”   He addressed me by name and spoke nicely and asked me if I had $1.75 I could give him.  I don’t like to hand over cash to beggars. I’d rather buy them something to drink or something to eat.  But I wasn’t heading to a location to be able to purchase either. I simply told him no. I then walked a block east to the spot we were meeting.  But upon my arrival I could not find the $60 I thought I had put in my wallet.  I did a complete back track to my starting location, back to my car, searched through my wallet and work bag and no luck! The $60 was gone!

Ordinarily I’d have been furious! Money is real important especially for those of us who don’t have much of it! But all I could think was that perhaps it fell to the ground near the guy who asked me for $1.75 and maybe he was able to use the money for something really important – perhaps to get himself something to eat.  That’s what I’d like to think, anyway.  I just know that something good is in store for me, though.  It always is.

What good thing has happened for you recently?

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  1. I suffer from Raynaud’s Disease. It causes extreme pain in my feet that sometimes lasts for several hours. My daughter came home late and I was a little upset because she was late. She came in with a box in a gift bag with a Dr. Scholls foot warmer and massager because she knew the pain I have been enduring. It’s not neccesary to always jump to conclusions and be upset because you have no idea what’s really behind it. I might add that she is a university student who has paid every penny for her schooling and still think of mommy. I was so proud – I cried. A simple thought thay will relieve a lot of pain.

  2. I work with students who at times have the tendency to misbehave. I might add that I love working with these angels but there are times they work your nerves. A few days ago a student had a time settling and said a something smart……Well….another student jumped in and told the student, “You apologize to Mrs. Lynch…she always has our back and she’s the nicest teacher.” I didn’t expect that but it warmed my heart!! The joys of being an educator!!

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