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While I have some really great friends I vowed to make some new ones in 2018 to “add to my collection”  – and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some wonderful people in the first half of this year. I’ve also gotten an opportunity to bond with some people who I’ve known but never really spent time with.   I’ve had a few of these new found bondings to my home, I’ve traveled with some, I’ve met a few to have a bite to eat and/or a social drink.

  I’ve come to appreciate the beautiful qualities of these new people and have met with fresh moments of laughter and been able to share ideas with them as well as seek advice for some matters.  I’ve also discovered that many of us have so much in common in terms of our concerns, our desires, and even our fears.  Being the ever social individual that I am, I thought that I was done inviting new people into my life.  But I’m so glad I did – and  I look forward to the remaining half of 2018 meeting more wonderful friends – and living life to the fullest – with my already existent friends right in the mix too!

How “friendly” are you feeling towards others?

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