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Getting Unstuck and Moving On…

This post is inspired by Marsha Smith and Lisa Whitehead.

Marsha asked me to write about “how to overcome being stuck in the rut whether it’s a career path, an unfulfilling relationship, or embarking on a venture that you’ve always dreamed of” and Lisa asked me to write about “how to give yourself the validation you crave.”  I see a direct correlation between the two.  

The first thought that comes to mind when I merge the two thoughts is that once we validate ourselves and value our worth we can better handle the changes that keep us “stuck in a rut.”  Oftentimes opportunities that come our way are not fully appreciated.  We want them but we become paralyzed by fear due to our own discomfort.  We become nervous about the list of what ifs that we create.  We delay actions that might otherwise help propel us towards a positive outcome for the opportunity.  In short, we pretty much sabotage what could have been ours.

What would be the outcome if, first of all, we decided what the purpose is for anything we wish to do or change.  Ask self the why questions.  Why do I want to change a situation? Why do I need to change a situation? Why do I feel I must stay ‘stuck’ where I am? Having come to the conclusion that we still wish to proceed, it is imperative that we at the very least believe that we can – and that we can move forward with a determination to achieve the desired outcome.  Progress and success comes along also with the language we speak. Self talk.  Sometimes we have to reprimand ourselves for negative thinking as well as praise ourselves for being bold enough and brave enough to take the next step toward whatever it is that we are desirous of achieving.  Sometimes you have to be your own number one cheer leading fan…your number one motivator.  Staying stuck will never be a catalyst to moving ahead.


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