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HELPING! When is enough, enough?

It always amazes me what some people do after they ask for help with just about anything.  Once instructed to get the first few steps done then come back to you, they will often never be heard from again.  Or they’ll offer a lot of excuses as to why they “can’t”.  Fast forward a year or so and the person is still stuck in the same situation – no further along than they were when they came to you the first time.  Why?  They lacked the motivation to do the ground work.  They wanted you to do it all for them.

Some people fall for it! They run around doing everybody else’s “stuff” while the taker sits back and waits for a result.  If you do it real well, they’ll come back again……and again….and drain more energy out of you by asking you for more help!

We have to teach people how to help themselves.  And those who continue to rely on others have to learn that when you ask a lot of others it’s selfish – especially if you have nothing to offer in return.

Encourage everyone you encounter to “get it done” – whatever it is.  Let your help be a last resort – and take more time for you!

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  1. This is a tough one! I believe that because we are humans, we always want to help others especially us females. We as females are nurturers by design so we often look after others before we take care of ourselves. However, on the flip side, we don’t realize the damage that has been done until it is to late. We either end being hurt by the person we tried to help or we end up being drained by trying to help someone that doesn’t want to be helped. It is a hard lesson to learn nevertheless a lesson indeed.
    I say all that to say that we must use good judgement when it comes to helping others whether it be family or friends.

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