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I’m ready…let’s go!

Recently I took a three week vacation.  It’s been many, many years since I took a vacation that long.  In fact, I have vivid memories of month long vacations in the early stages of my career back in the 80s and early 90s….before the most stressful of full time single mommy duties kicked in.  This vacation was fun yet pensive.  I took much needed time to reflect upon so many things I’ve been contemplating and talking about – way too long!  And I made some headway towards finally getting a few balls rolling, I took long overdue time to reflect upon the negativity I have been faced with in a certain environment for way too long and made some deliberate decisions on how to deal with it – and turn that negativity into positive fuel for humor – until I can completely remove myself from it.  I returned to the proverbial reality and put some of my decision-skills into practice immediately – and I can’t tell you just how proud of myself I was. I felt better. I laughed at the stupidity and the ridiculous.  I stayed focused on the “what’s next”.  I’m really pumped up more than ever before – and I’m looking to take those who want the motivation along with me for the ride as I fulfill my dreams.  Let me know how I can assist! I’m ready….

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  1. To watch you and to listen to you you would never know that you had any issues, problems, stress or any negativity in your life; you always bring such positivity to everyone that you encounter. Myself personally, feel so blessed and so privileged to have met you and call you my friend. You are a true motivator and a true Christian ❤️

    1. Oh wow, Tomeka! This comment means so much to me. Just wow! Thank you lovey! It brought back memories as to how we met. I guess I better hurry and get myself out to visit you in good ol’ Louisville, Kentucky! ((hugs)) PS……..I am learning more and more as the years go by how to handle bubbling pots of stress! (smile)

  2. About to take a vacation and do some unusual things like possibly swimming with pigs. I’m thinking if I do some adventures so totally different from my safety zone, I’ll kick start my motivation to live fuller, no matter what! Stay tuned.

      1. Welcome back chica! Listen, you are way to talented to do nothing about the situation. You have wisdom beyond your years… whatever you do, you will do exceptionally well…

        1. Tina, I’m chuckling at “listen”….lol – Thanks so much for your kind words. You and I will be moving on side by side..we can’t…and won’t… stay stuck!

  3. I am always ready to head off for a new adventure in a different place to encounter new people and add to my memory bank.

    1. YEEEEEEEEEEES, LISA! Long overdue. Let me know if I can be of any assistance to get your through it.

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