Right Writing Rites

I posted the following on Facebook today: “Poor grammar….poor spelling…poor presentation of ideas (ie sentence structure, etc)…Should it matter on social media?” The firestorm erupted…or so it felt! I love to write! I’m easily frustrated by poor writing.  Correct writing was something drilled into me/us in primary school. Sentence structure, spelling, grammar, and punctuation rules […]

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Gold Mines vs Bucket Crab Land Mines

This evening I was “venting” to my friend Tina about something that has taken me 36 hours to let sink in and really get infuriated about.  Maaaaaaaaan, I was so mad I stopped at the store and purchased a Coke soda!  I have practically given up soda for the past few years – with an […]

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Who loves YOU?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I can imagine the stress some people are feeling as it pertains to how they will “satisfy” or “please” their loved one with the right bunch of flowers, the right restaurant for dinner, the right gift, or that right opportunity to pop the question with a marriage proposal. Putting […]

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