Who loves YOU?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I can imagine the stress some people are feeling as it pertains to how they will “satisfy” or “please” their loved one with the right bunch of flowers, the right restaurant for dinner, the right gift, or that right opportunity to pop the question with a marriage proposal. Putting […]

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What’s some life lessons we can learn from the Superbowl?

Two teams have come out victorious from their respective NFC and AFC divisions to the be all and end all of the NFL.  They’ve worked hard and put in the work required to get to their tops positions despite the naysayers.  They’re there! Superbowl 52 will kick off shortly and millions will watch and hope […]

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Which grabs your attention: Negative or Positive

There’s nothing like a “juicy” piece of gossip…about somebody else, a story gone terribly wrong…about somebody else, a hard luck story…about somebody else, bad news…about somebody else…a news story of a bad deed done….by somebody else.  Ironically these situations generate a lot of discussion among friends and family and a frenzy of backlash from social […]

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