Which grabs your attention: Negative or Positive

There’s nothing like a “juicy” piece of gossip…about somebody else, a story gone terribly wrong…about somebody else, a hard luck story…about somebody else, bad news…about somebody else…a news story of a bad deed done….by somebody else.  Ironically these situations generate a lot of discussion among friends and family and a frenzy of backlash from social […]

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It’s just about over!

In just a few hours we will be ringing in a new year – 2018! It’s time to stop dwelling on what didn’t work, forget about the people who held you back, and look forward with excitement and anticipation to what’s coming up.  There will, of course, be some things that you could and should […]

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The Old-Timers Taught Us What It Meant to Assume

Imagine if everything people assumed about you was true.  Where would your life be? What’s most unfortunate in the world today is that not only do people make unfounded assumptions, they add to what they think they know to make the story more believable.  And as if that isn’t enough, they share the full story […]

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