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Is it really more TIME that you need?

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In preparing for an exciting upcoming gathering for women, I began to reflect upon TIME: how much we have, what we do with it, and how we can better use of it. The truth is that none of us knows how much time we will have left on earth, but once we wake up for the day we can pretty much estimate how much time we will have to complete a particular task.  In fact, many people begin to map out in the minds how much time they will spend on particular tasks to be done by a certain time.   What we do with the time we have is a completely different story.  I’m sure all of us have set out with the best  of intentions to, let’s say, get something accomplished between 9am and 12 noon only to have allowed ourselves to become so distracted within that three hours that by the time noon comes we are not much further ahead than when we started.  So the bigger question becomes how do we make the best use of the time we have?

Recently I shared with a very stressed young mother a simple thing she could do during the week to free up her weekends.  She tried it and expressed that it did wonders for her and her young child.  They finally had TIME to spend together.  She had not thought about rearranging some things on her schedule in order to free up weekend time.  You see, many of us do get stuck into routines and the like.

I like to pride myself on being a great multitasker.  I’ve learned to take things in small bites and set realistic completion goals and to reward myself for getting it done.  I schedule tasks and I schedule time for me. And I must admit, life is so much easier.

I’d love to share some ideas with you on making the best use of your time while still enjoying life and not feeling so stressed. Save the date and time: December 1, 2018 (3pm-6pm)  I promise you the atmosphere will be light and fun and you will walk out of your comfort zone!  Feel free to comment here or go to the “Contact” section of the website to express your interest to join!

What are some things you wish you had more time for?

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  1. What a nice write up! I actually wish I had more time to be “creative”! I actually do use my time wisely, and spend lots of my time with my kids and family, just wish I had more time to think and be more creative (expand more on my brand)! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Charmaine.
      What I love about your comment is that despite your schedule you are still looking for ways to do more by way of your product. I’d love to see your product take off and part of what I will be sharing with everyone on Dec 1st is the power of networking!! I believe in your product – even though I’ve never used it – because I believe in you! Your reputation for what you do precedes you in a positive way. Let me know how I can help to promote your product! All the best. You CAN!

  2. When I was working I wished I just had more time, period. Somehow being locked into a 9-5 was becoming so unfulfilling. Now that I have retired I now have plenty of time. I no longer wish for more time but for my time to be used for what brings me joy. So now I’m finding out dropping in on a yoga class and totally enjoying it shows me the importance of the right time bringing joy. As I walk down this time journey I’m looking forward to extending me time to giving time to others in meaningful ways.

    1. Absolutely, Darnell. I hope your feedback will motivate others to take time from the clutches of 9 to 5 especially those who are not yet quite near retirement – and make time to ENJOY things life has to offer. Have fun in your retirement.

  3. This sounds like something I need to take part in! I would love some ideas on time management as it has always been one of my areas for improvement. Because I know that I will NEVER get the time back, I’m certain that I need to master this extremely important skill of managing it. I’m excited ☺️☺️☺️

  4. Amanda, I know you are actively working on building your own business and for that I’m very happy for you. I’ll be happy to share some ideas with you. Stay tuned!! Thank you for commenting.

  5. Great write up Shawnette! Time! Hmmm! What I have started to do is prioritize what I need to get done and for me that has worked wonders! Like you said as well, it’s best to set realistic goals and stick to them. Often when one gets distracted it can derail plans in a heartbeat! Taking any time to do anything is a discipline but it can be done!!

    1. The key is to PLAN and to get on with it! Well said, Patrice. Thanks for sharing and I hope anyone reading your comment will feel inspired to start small with a simple list and avoid distractions.

  6. Personally I get a lot more done under pressure which is not healthy..I work faster if I have less time and work slower when I have more time… I try and choose to make time for the important things and for the people that I care for.. even though I write down most of the important things that I have to do, sometime I end up still needing more time.. however, I believe I could have got a lot more Done if I was more organized and a multitasker… I probably need some advices…

    1. Despite it all, Yann, you certainly seem to have a great grasp on the importance of using your time wisely! I shall keep you posted on suggestions for multi-tasking but for now I encourage you to keep doing what you are doing. In that way, nothing important will get left undone on your list.

  7. Once again Mrs Somner your allways talking about key points. Most people never have enough time to do the things they love to do. When I attended college my teacher once said we dont utilize our time effective enough do to our regular scheaduals. Its all about changing your times in order to do them all. Ty kindly I look forward to new ways to inhance my life.😘

  8. Hmmmmmm ok
    Throughout my life I’ve been busy with various things. I have found out that the things that were self serving have fallen by the wayside by choice and Devine intervention. I operate now with a priority mindset.

    1. Absolutely! I hope others who read your comment will follow suit. What you did is recognize then act! Well done.

  9. Excellent write up my friend! I always need more time whether it’s in family or career life. Especially if it’s just for me. I’m always busy doing for others and taking care of business. I never really stop to breathe for myself. Sometimes, it feels like a maze because I’m constantly going nonstop. Help! Help! I want to organize my time more wisely.

    1. Recognizing that you need time management is a great start! I will definitely share some strategies. Thank you for your great feedback.

  10. Loved this article Shawnette
    I must admit I am a stickler for time. I do not like to be late nor do I like to wait on others as my time is very precious. I mostly have my days mapped out in accordance of when I need to leave home to make time to where I have to be. But rarely do I have time to myself unfortunately. My husband AND family and friends tell me you need to slow down and make time for yourself lol oh how true this is but the busy bee that I am I don’t see that happening too soon. So yes I admit I need to learn to make time for myself plan my days in accordance with what needs to be done but also schedule time for myself in that day as well.

    1. You’re welcome, Shervona. Like you, my time is extremely precious.The key piece missing is definitely time for YOU! Looking forward to sharing ideas with you.

  11. This is a very nice write up Gaunt! I can see that this will help many people with organizing their time. I hope that you can reach out to many people and help them with their time organization.

  12. I have learned to do the important things first. For me the main thing is not to stress. Set a time to have everything done and follow the plan. “Me time” is vital and thankfully at this time in my life it isn’t too difficult to accomplish..

    1. Absolutely, Sharon! As we get older the need to fill our lives with stressful stuff seems ammost redundant to enjoying life!

  13. This is too true. Something I have been mulling over here of late. Some tasks that I set out to do, and then don’t do, make me feel that i have an undiagnosed ADD. You have my interest with this for sure.

    1. I love the humor though, Laurie. I will keep you posted on the upcoming event in case you’d like to attend.

  14. Great article. It’s true simple things can in essence free up more time. The most important thing is to self care and schedule in the time. I was in a meeting with a gentleman who said he prioritized working out over listening in on a conference call that wasn’t essential that he be a part of.

  15. This is so true. I tend to over extend myself at times and get overwhelmed. I try to prioritize lol. It works sometimes.
    Great write up! Makes me think

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