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It’s just about over!

In just a few hours we will be ringing in a new year – 2018! It’s time to stop dwelling on what didn’t work, forget about the people who held you back, and look forward with excitement and anticipation to what’s coming up.  There will, of course, be some things that you could and should carry into 2018 that will help you along the pathway to your purpose.  Contemplate the things will you leave behind and the qualities you possess that you will take with you into the new year. 

As I reflect on all of this for myself I have a short list……..

TO LEAVE BEHIND: Other people’s Criticism, Rules, Assumptions, and Problems.  (These are things I wrote about on this website). I will commit to making other people’s problems important to me if they affect me personally! 

TO TAKE WITH ME IN 2018 – the passion I have for writing and speaking. With my writing I want to produce my first novel and with my speaking skills I want to speak more publicly on topics of relevance.

I want to wish everyone reading this a very blessed 2018 and one that will be filled with an abundance of happiness and prosperity.  Please leave some words of encouragement below for the new year…..You never know who you’ll inspire!

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  1. If you have a dream, a vision, something that is always on your mind – now is the time to see it fulfilled. Take that step of faith. Do the research, connect with those who are doing what you long to do – sing, dance, write, play that instrument, design clothes…whatever it may be. Just do it for someone is waiting to be encouraged and blessed.

    1. I love the bit about connecting with those who are doing what you long to do! They can certainly be catalysts to our goals. HAPPY NEW YEAR and keep doing what you do ever so well!

  2. Step out and let nothing stand in your way. In 2017, at 46 years old I returned to university while working full time to persue my BA’s degree. At the same time I had to make some serious changes for the sake of my health. 40 pounds lighter, good grades and positive people is what I carry with me in 2018. Remember, with solid suppost system and belief in yourself, your can do ANYTHING – and do it well. Keep in mind that social media is a powerful tool. Let us make sure that every single person that we connect with walks away from the screen feeling encouraged and inspired. Happy 2018.

    1. Absolutely! Your actions and what you have achieved should definitely be a great inspiration to so many! Well done and congratulations. I hope it’s nothing but UPWARD for you in 2018.

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