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Lazy days are not so lazy!


The cold weather has had many people house bound. “It’s too cold,” has been the common recitation.  House bound people have remained in their pajamas, under the covers, on the sofa with a blanket – confined to a state of nothingness.  Or is it? 

With the every day ripping and running wouldn’t this be a great time to finally just relax, to let the body unwind, to catch up on sleep, and to do something that you possibly don’t normally do? We often neglect ourselves with the steady pace of the rat race so give yourself kudos if you’ve succumbed to the “lazy days” (or nights) and don’t let guilt take control. There’s plenty of time to get around to doing the things that took a back seat.

Bundle up! “It’s cold.” How have you spent your “too cold to go outside” time? 


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  1. I agree! As much as I hate the cold and wish I was in Bermuda, cold snow days make for great great relax, revamp, and refocus days. So for that I am grateful.

    1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the word “revamp”…….(We are cold in Bermuda today – unseasonably cold) Stay warm, Christine.

    1. YES!! Now THAT’S absolutely awesome!! I love that. I encourage you to continue on your journey to being a better person than you already are!

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