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Let’s not carry the CV traits

The coronavirus, or covid-19 as it is more properly called, as if it deserves the respect of a formal name, has definitely changed and rearranged everything about our lives, leaving millions around the world filled with fear and anxiety and without their loved ones snatched away unexpectedly. This silent, deadly, thief of a killer does not categorize its victims for the taking. Everyone is at risk regardless of race, color, creed, gender, and all manner of title that would normally have people running to Human Rights for violation grievances. CV19 does not answer to charges. CV19 is cruel, cold, and callous. CV19 does not care – and anything or anyone!
Some of us may know of people who would fit the same description of this disease. But none of us have to stoop to that level. We are all learning that life really is short and that life really can change from one day to the next. How do we make it through this time of crippling and confinement?  We reach out to help each other. Those “good old days” that many of us have spoken about throughout all of our adult lives, that we hoped would come back, are just a good gesture away – the ways things used to be. Our lives have slowed down tremendously. We are forced to reflect and to make changes that perhaps we may have even been putting off for some time. This time does not have to be one of despair and depression but one of helpfulness and hope.
I encourage everyone to be as we were in those “good old days” – and to show those who are not old enough to remember just how we used to be. Check up on each other. Give what we have when we can to help make another’s plight a bit easier with which to cope. You don’t have to have or give much. But in every act, there lies a sense of warm compassion from a genuine spirit which let’s the receiver know s/he is not alone.  CV19 does not have to kill our spirits of benevolence.

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  1. Shawnette- This is a Great Message of Motivation!!
    The best phrase I’ve heard to date is:
    “Coronavirus or COVID-19 is the Great Equalizer” – Whoopie Goldberg

    1. Cynthia, that is a powerful quote by Whoopie. It surely is. It doesn’t matter who is who or who has what. We are ALL on the same playing field with this virus.

  2. You are so true. It doesn’t have to kill our spirits. I take a drive with my grandson when I start to get cabin fever. We are away from others. The sad thing is, we really don’t know who is contaminated unknowingly. Some days we walk. I like putting puzzles together. It keeps the mind sharp. I need that during this time. Lol!!! I don’t believe that our lives will ever be the same as before but that is ok. I’m just thankful and blessed to be in the number. You can only protect yourself. Be an advocate for yourself. Better safe than sorry. Mask up and glove up. We’ll get through this. Stay strong! I’ve called all the seniors that I know and checked on them. I feel good. God Bless and Stay Well!!!

    Shawnette, continue with your motivational writing. It is so inspiring. You have a gift for touching others.

    1. Michele, thank you! You have given some great ideas that others can also adopt to keep their minds sharp. Stay safe!

  3. If it wasn’t for my Faith in God I know that I would not be handling this pandemic very well. My attitude is positive and my focus is on others not myself. Keeping in touch with friends and family is my priority. I agree sharing with others what you have is paramount. Thank you Shawnie for sharing this blog.

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