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Motivated to LIVE past a year of doom and gloom

It has been 5 months since I’ve written here on my website but I made a promise to myself that I would write before January left us.  I kept my promise – just in the nick of time!  2020 has had many of us in the proverbial tailspin and we welcomed 2021 with anticipation of a year full of optimism and less doom and gloom.  2020 left many of us void of relatives and friends due to the other nasty C word that has permeated our braincells for almost a year now while many of us were robbed of the warmth of the relationships with our loved ones with whom we would normally spend time to talk, to laugh, to hug, to hang out, to just relax.   As the gates of 2021 opened up many of us reflected on the meaning and value of life. I dedicate this article to my good friend, Samantha, who lost her life on January 17, 2021 to the other C word but who left so much life within each of us who knew her passion for life and her energy.  She will live on in so many of us because she embraced life by the horns and rode it ferociously! 

One month in to 2021- how have you been living yours? What have you done to uplift, improve, or even modify your life? What, perhaps, has you stuck in moving on with something that you really want for yourself?  How did you push through a challenge to achieve your goal?

Let’s embrace 2021 – and show 2020 that we can overcome, rise up, and achieve!  

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  1. My heart always bleeds to learn of someone passing from both ‘C’s. I’ve been living in my own bubble since last March and have come to accept a mask as a permanent part of my face. I just wish that everyone would take this pandemic more seriously and follow all the rules. I believe that we can combat it but it takes everyone’s effort to do their part. I pray that those who are affected will recover… I can’t imagine anyone dying alone under these circumstances. Please follow the rules!

  2. My mother, now deceased, who was the mentor in my life instilled in me, and our entire family, to always put others before yourself and to wait and see how your life will be rewarded. It has been a rough year, both economically and financially, for all of us in 2020. Since March, 2020 I can testify that when other persons were reaching out and receiving Government daily meals, I referred our meal delivery to one senior neighbor. The Government meal delivery ceased and little did I know that someone had observed our kindness months ago. Every Tuesday around noon, a small bag of veggies and a frozen chicken is delivered to our residence from a Church Food Center and on this past week a much needed 2 huge boxes of all types of groceries were delivered and shared amongst family. Luke 6:38 “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give unto your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again”. Keep on giving without expecting a return.

  3. Wonderful words of encouragement. The last year was rough for many but we have to keep moving forward and do our best not to become stagnant. For becoming stagnant means we have given up the fight. 2021 here we come with tenacity! Rest in Paradise Samantha!

  4. To be alive and well (or at least well enough, but that’s another story), is in itself a blessing. I’m approaching 2021 from the perspective of expecting a bright, healthy, and happy future. I’ve suffered so many family losses over the last few years but no moreso than many. I dare not grouse, instead I give thanks and rejoice. My comforting thought for 2021 is to look back over the best moments of my life and count my blessings. I think about those many many happy moments and how unaware I was they were coming before they arrived. It is because of that why now at the beginning of 2021 I can celebrate and rejoice knowing there are many good things ahead. Blessings to you all.

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