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No warm thoughts for a cold heart!

Like a savage beast he unleashed his rage

To be the one man show on the world wide stage

Premeditated and with a callous heart

He ripped seventeen families apart

And like a coward escaped with no remorse

Abandoning the carnage from his deadly force

Dead youth with futures stolen and unlived dreams

Amidst the unending tears and gut wrenching screams

Of pained moms and dads and angry family and friends

While uncaring lawmakers do nothing to put this barbarity to an end

Rest in peace little angels – May your spirits live on in those you cherished

Though millions will never come to terms with the reasons you perished

Your murderous monster will get his due

Because you didn’t deserve this. It should have never happened to you!



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  1. Wonderful tribute. Rest In Peace to the many lives lost. My prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims. #endgunviolence

    1. Thank you!!
      It’s just unthinkable trying to fathom what the parents must be going through planning fur

  2. It is frightening to think when your child/children leaves home for school that this could happen. We live in a very sick world. Praying for the families.

    1. It doesn’t seem our children will ever know the joy we had as children……very frightening and very sad!

  3. America is bleeding again, crying again, blaming again, avoiding again, reeling again screaming again, morning again but love their 2nd Amendment Rights. 17 lives including children, current & futures leaders cruelly mowed down by an AR15. Another 14 people injured too. Rather than deal with the reality of gun availability & ownership in USA, mental health is once again the excuse trailed by American law makers, wake up people & save young lives. Enough dying already. Schools are for learning, not warzones. Rest well 17, recover soon 14 & may the Almighty grant strength to all directly & indirectly affected by this latest avoidable gun tragedy.

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