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PART 1 – It’s time to let the son go!

In less than a week I’ll be boarding a plane to take my second (and last) born to school.  It’ll be a first experience for him and a second letting go of a son for me.  But the gap has been approximately eleven years between taking the first one and now taking the second one – time that has flown by rapidly.  His acceptance to the school  just 6 weeks ago has been sudden and unexpected.  But when you know how to handle the unexpected you simply get it done – and you learn, as I have more than ever, who your villagers are.

In the past few weeks of preparation I’ve been asked over and over again how I feel – and of course many have stated the obvious, that I will miss him.  You see, he’s been with me all of his life.  He’s 20 years old.  We don’t know what it’s like to be away from each other, other than the occasional trip that we may have taken away from each other.  I’ve undertaken the sole task of doing the best I could do in raising him to this point. And now, despite what was done right or not as well as could have been done,  it’s time to let go.  While there have been bouts of sadness when I stop to think that this is REALLY happening, I know that I am ready. I have no doubt that despite some nervousness as it relates to the unexpected he is ready too.   I want him to have this experience and to get it done so that he can place his feet on the next path of the next journey of his life.  I have not raised mama’s boys – and I don’t refer to this 6’4″ son as my “baby”.  The preparation process has not been easy, but it’s getting done.  And it’s not easy. But I’m proud of him and I have every confidence that he will do himself and our family proud.  (Stay tuned for Part 2 )…..

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  1. You have been a phenomenal Mother to both of your sons and the Lord will reward you in His time. Let him go, pray daily for him and God will do the rest.

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