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Part 2 – It’s time to let the son go!

It’s been a week since I left Texas and said goodbye to Seth – and all in all, I’m doing great!  Now some may read into that that I’m having the partying time of my life while others will take it for what it’s worth.  I do miss Seth however I have benefited in some areas since his departure that have been long overdue….and my body has been the recipient!  No longer is my sleep broken throughout the night every hour or so waiting for him to come in the door.  No longer is my sleep broken to the question, “Mom, may I use the car?”  I have been getting lots of uninterrupted sleep! A mother of a son who is of age to be out and about socializing on this island will know exactly what I mean! No longer am I having to rip into him about my missing food.  And no more waking up to the sound of HIS alarm that goes on and on and on every morning….while he doesn’t budge.   I no longer have to wait my turn for the bathroom.  And in an entire week I have yet to cook a meal.  Take out has served me well and there’s always been leftovers which are still there in the fridge when I want them!  And did I mention that I no longer have to make sure I’m “decently clad” in the house in the event he walks in the door either alone or with friends?  His departure has given me a new sense of much needed well earned liberation.  And while I am super happy he has been given this educational opportunity, I’m super happy for me that to some degree “my turn” is finally starting to happen.

There is no sadness but pure happiness for him and for me!  I wish him well.

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  1. Feeling your LIBERATION and ready to share in it with you!! You are a great mom and grandmom. It’s your time now!! Enjoy YOU.

  2. That part about the clothes being off caught my attention Somner! Nor do you have to close and lock the bedroom door🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. MEL!!!!!!!!!! You are a right royal NUT and you know which conversation my mind went to………..goodbye girl! hahahahaaaa

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