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Patience is a virtue…or is it?


I had a really nice chat with a young man today.  When I asked him if he was still employed at the same place I’d seen him he expressed that he had been trying to leave but was asked to stay on.  In staying on he has now been given more responsibility. He feels a sense of value and accomplishment and is happier now with the change to his role.

Life is like this sometimes.  We are ready to walk out and quit something when an answer could be closer than we think.  Sometimes it takes others to come close to losing our services and our good work before they recognize our value.  But it requires eating quite a bit of the proverbial humble pie to admit to someone that you truly do value what they bring forth for the benefit of others – and to ask them to stay in your circle.

I wish this young man well.  And for all of you who are reading, I wish you well too.  Just know that in time, things happen.  And it’s true that everything happens for a reason.  We just need to be patient – and wait to see!

What is the hardest part about exercising patience – and what happens when the outcome isn’t what you’d hoped for?

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  1. The hardest part about exercising patience is the need for instant gratification. The wait can be uncomfortable and exhausting…depending on your level of maturity you may be tested. In that regard, when the outcome isn’t what was hoped for emotions can then be impacted negatively.

  2. Hello Shawnette, that is an excellent write up. It is definitely inspiring and encourages the reader that in practicing patience the outcome can be rewarding. 😊

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