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Reach Out, Reach Up, Reach Down….

On a recent trip, as I waited for my flight in the airport, I sat at a charging port to plug my cell phone.  To my right was a payphone – something I hadn’t seen for quite some time – let alone one in use.  A man walked up to the payphone and begin placing coins on the ledge as he scooped them from the bottom of a carry-on bag.  Now, I know we ought not judge people by appearance, but the truth is, we do.  I immediately noticed that this man, seemingly in his mid to late 60s,  looked a bit disheveled.  I actually wondered how he made it past security in the airport but there he was with the rest of us about to board a flight.  I observed as he tried to figure out the payphone to make his call.  One after one, he dropped the coins into the payphone and pressed the buttons to make his call.   I could hear him explaining to the person on the other end the purpose of his call.  He was trying to reach anybody he could speak with in the personnel department of a major car manufacturing company.  He was flying out there with hopes of connecting.  He was looking for a job. 

Whatever extension he was connected to met with no luck.  Someone’s voice mail.  He began digging into the bottom of his bag again – and I could tell he was pretty much out of coins.  (Not in the picture above, there is one coin left on the shelf).  I felt sorry for him. 

“Sir,” I said, “Is there something I can help you with?” He confirmed what I had overheard and said something that took me way back to the 70s. “I need to call information.”  My goodness. I hadn’t heard that in decades.  Information?  He needed to get another number.    “I don’t mind helping you out on my cell phone.”  He seemed baffled at my offer and shared that he didn’t have a cell phone. I remember thinking to myself gosh I don’t think I know of anyone who doesn’t have a cell phone!!  But I proceeded to assist by googling and finding numbers and calling the numbers on his behalf.  There was no human voice to assist for any of the calls but I was at least able to write down the numbers he needed so that he could try again once he landed at his destination.  He was extremely grateful and thanked me profusely.  But what he asked me next, in his gesture of gratitude, really touched my heart.  “Can I buy you a cup of coffee?” I couldn’t allow this man to spend any money on me. In fact, I wished, after he walked off, that I had handed HIM so money and wished him well in his quest to be employed. 

What a chance he was taking to go seek his dream.  I thought about him for the duration of my flight and he has remained on my mind ever since.  I never got his name.  But I have prayed time and time again that he is doing well. 

You see, in life, sometimes it’s the little acts of kindness we do that make a difference to someone else’s life and in doing so, it helps us as well to put some things into perspective – especially the things we take for granted.  I encourage you to reach out, reach up, and reach down.  You just never know what your gesture can even do for yourself. 


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  1. This is very touching and God will bless you for the good deeds that you have done. He will not forget about your kind works and hopefully he will pay it forward.
    A simple random of kindness goes along way.

  2. Great read Shawnette. As I am one to help anywhere I see fit, his faith is what resonates with me most. I can’t wait to find out how his faith guided him. Yup, you will see him again…

    1. Tina, I love how you are always there to help others. Don’t stop! Now as for seeing this gentleman again, I think that with the world population set at about 7 billion, it would be a miracle of miracles. (smile)

  3. Beverley Connell You are the essence of my favorite mantra. “Pay it forward”. You helped him, and he so wanted to ‘help’ you…….❤️

  4. This is heart warming, thanks for sharing. I pray he found his way and got the job!!
    It feels so good to know there are people like you(angels on earth) willing to lend a helping hand to others in need. If your post inspires just one person to reach up, reach out, and to reach down it would be a blessing indeed.
    You are an inspiration and I’m grateful to call you friend. ❤️

    1. Thanks, Carlene. My hope is always to reach one in order to reach others. I appreciate your feedback and likewise I am grateful for you as well. Happy our sons glued our friendship! ♡

  5. Shawnette, a beautiful scenario of our purpose in this life. Kindness matters! A good deed is appreciated and certainly noted by God. We should all pray that this man’s dreams and desires come to fruition. Oh how the struggle is so real for many, even with a job. Thanks for sharing and a big hug for assisting this man.

  6. It costs nothing to be kind, and you are a daily reminder that we can all be kind if we choose to be.

    1. Very sweet of you, Helen. Thank you. You are absolutely correct. FREE to be kind. You continue to do the same with the kindness you show. Be safe!

    1. Betty, I still think of him very often and wish I had a way to find out. God bless him – wherever he may be!

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