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Seeds of Motivation


Last week I attended the Greatest Homecoming On Earth…GHOE…at my alma mater, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University….commonly called “A&T”. GHOE is an entire huge calendar event full of fun, camaraderie, new friendships, warmth and happiness with FAMILY…..a whole lot of people who hold Aggieland near and dear to their hearts.

As I walked on the campus early Friday morning and got a glimpse of the window of my old dorm room….(#301 at Cooper Hall)….I was overcome with the fondest of memories of the day my parents took me there, helped me get set up, then left me there to start a 4 year life that would become the best years of my life. I will never ever be able to thank my parents enough for the sacrifices they made for me to have this never to be forgotten experience.

I reflected upon the moment in my dorm room with my parents when a big burly football player walked through the halls and promised my parents he would take good care of me while there. He did. God rest the soul of that kind individual, Jamaul “Plum” Sheppard.

My advisor was Dr. Pamela Hunter. I could not have been assigned a better advisor for my course of study. She was super strict with a sharp tongue and I remember her pushing me to my limit not realizing that she was making sure to get the best of me when there were times I thought my work was too hard. I graduated with honors! I am the phenomenal educator that I am today in large part due to this wonderful woman who is a dynamic educator.

I was a 17 years old freshman. I began my teaching career at 21 years old…. one week shy of my 22nd birthday. I am eternally grateful for the 40 year relationship I have had with Dr. Hunter – and seeing her last week and being able to post a tribute on the wall for her was truly “the icing on the cake!”

People come into our lives for a purpose. My parents trusted the process and voila it worked out well.

I would hope that everyone has someone in their lives that they can reflect upon and get that burst of motivation all over again from the memories of what once was that caused what is! 

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  1. Shawnette,

    I love it! There is nothing like bearing witness to others from ones own being. I’m sure that all of those who take the time to read this will be blessed by it and in turn inspire others also. When you have a moment take a look a the memoir of a former Aggie President Samuel Dewitt Proctor and his book The Substance of Things Hoped For. I think you will be able to relate on more than one level. I know you will find it inspiring as well. Keep pushing champ. Aggie Pride!

    1. Thanks for your positive feedback! I will certainly take a look at the book as it sounds inspirational. Aggie Pride!

  2. I love this. As many times I travel to.places which hold my fondest old memories. When life was so simple and we innocently couldn’t wait to get older! Now look at us!
    But, what keeps us going, are the inspirations along the way. Those great young experiences when we were mentored, now we return the favor.
    I watched a lot of your homecoming . So glad you had this go back moment!

    1. Yes! Time has really flown by on us…Homecoming always brings me back HOME…where friends have become family. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to the freshman experience of wonderment, nurturing , and loyalty that embraced each of us from day one ! I will always remember that first day on campus !

      1. Thank you Ms Shawnette. As always it is great to see and hear your voice and now read what you actually experienced. Let’s continue our fond relationships in the future. We are truly blessed by our opportunities and friendship. Stay sweet, beautiful and most of all an intelligent powerful woman.
        Dr. Pamela Irvis Hunter

        1. Awwwwwww. God BLESS you, Dr. P…and THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for your undying commitment to this little teen gal from way across the Atlantic Ocean. You will ALWAYS hold an extra special place in my heart!

  4. Beautiful sentiments & We as Aggies truly feel your truth. You spoke on things that are unique to you & universal for those who have lived & given…..Mentors or angels are important on this journey! ❤

    1. I have never felt such great bonds anywhere else other than in/from Aggieland! Aggie Pride! Thanks so much for your feedback.

  5. There’s nothing like being home. Because of A&T, I have several 30 plus year friendships. I wouldn’t trade my four years for anything and I’m hoping that my daughter will feel the same way now that she’s a Freshman. Aggie Pride!

  6. Shawnette….this is the true meaning of life and its experiences. Thank God for people who captured our heart. This surely made me reflect on my college years and recalled the day I took my daughter to my college in MA. It was a step back in time and an instant replay of wonderful memories. We are blessed to have had the opportunity of education. During my college years I met a friend and this friend is the most humble, kind, caring and thoughtful person anyone would love to meet. Thanks for sharing!

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