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Academic Tutoring

While most children and adults I tutor are engaged in it because they are struggling academically, on occasion there are those who I tutor who are exceling and they need motivation to stay on top of their academic game.

Academic Tutoring is provided for children and adults who require academic support. Subject areas include, but are not limited to, Mathematics and/or English Language Arts.  I also provide homework help – even for parents who find themselves “pulling their hair out.”

I am most proud of the constant feedback that I get that my style of tutoring makes learning fun! That’s the way it should be! One who is struggling already feels bad so it’s important to me to bring the love of learning and success to each client I tutor.  Oftentimes, one lacks confidence and therefore lacks the desire to try.  If you or someone you know needs academic support, please contact me.


Writing Courses

Writing Courses are provided for both recreational and/or published writing – which also extends to Letter Writing and Journaling.  Whether you need help to just get started with anything you are writing or if you need help with editing, or making sure you have included the relevant content in your writing, please contact me.

I also peruse and complete documents as well as letters for persons who are not confident to do it themselves.



Etiquette Classes for Girls

The Etiquette Class, in operation since 2002, is a program geared for young ladies that encompasses numerous lessons in self-esteem, self-presentation, selflessness, developing a positive relationship with parents, effective communication, and leadership.

Topics include, but are not limited to, Posture Practice, Personal Hygiene, Skin, Hair, and Nail care, Appropriate Attire, Table Setting, Dining Out Etiquette, Understanding finances, Goal setting, Relationships with Friends and Family, Bullying (including Cyberbullying), Organizational Skills, and Public Speaking.

Note: Most of these services are also available to women in a small group setting or individually and have been quite effective and fun for ladies to have a “refresher” course on the tips of what it means to be a lady.  




Professional Development

Professional Development services are provided for individuals who desire self-improvement particularly for Employment Success, Resume Preparation, Interviewing Skills, GED Studies, Time Management, Letter Writing, Future Planning, and Overall Work Performance, Public Speaking and Effective Communication, and Workshop Presentation. One of the main goals of my training is to assist individuals with locating resources to aid one’s personal needs for progressive development.

For clients who need assistance with improving their professional skills in the work place and/or who may be in a probationary period, please contact me for help – before you lose your job.


Customer Service Training

The manner in which customer service is delivered can help to boost the reputation and profit of a business or destroy it.  I deliver Customer Service Training in order to empower employees and to enhance their personal skills as well as their “people skills” in order to work with others on the job, in the community, and in the hospitality industry.  Do you work with people whose negative energy zaps the positivity out of everyone else in the work place?  I’m here to help with either one on one sessions, or group sessions.  If you desire to have employees who bring a bright spark and attitude to the work place, employees who make your clients feel welcomed and appreciated, please contact me.



Parenting is not easy – or for the faint of heart!  But once they enter the world, they’re ours to nurture, advise, and guide – even through their resistance.  Likewise, for those children who enter the world driven, focused, and ready to tackle any obstacle in front to them, it is important to be available to keep them focused and to help them to identify resources to keep them on the right track.

I provide guidance and advise to parents individually or in a small group setting on how to manage concerns they have in raising their children or helping them in their educational journey.  While individual sessions are powerful and productive, the group sessions, in particular, give parents an opportunity to share with and learn from other parents.

If your child seems to be keeping unsavory company, or not doing his/her best in school, demonstrating negative attitudes and behaviors towards you and/or others, thinks s/he knows it all, or is in need of a boost to get to the next level, please contact me.


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