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Stop waiting to be liked!

Social media has a strange way of giving people more credence and validity than deserved.  False hopes! And some people thrive off it.  Little “likes” can cause one to plunder in dismal despair, while a lot of “likes” can make one feel more elevated than the level of the clouds.  Others thrive on acceptance comments from others, verbally or otherwise – and will sometimes query others for validation – Is this alright? Did I do the right thing?  This can then follow sleepless nights just worrying about…do they like me?

Listen! EVERY one really is unique and craving for acceptance will not produce long lasting good feelings that will sustain you through life.  I believe that every human can find three things that they find great about themselves.  Start there and build upon them.  Expand your horizons.  Take those three qualities and impress yourself with what you can do! 

What’s your three? 

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