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What I will do differently is take more pride in myself.

I really enjoyed the perspective of other girls, and what we learned overall. I’ve learned to treat my parents better and be nicer to other people.

I enjoyed the forum because we covered very interesting topics and talked about some things, I wouldn’t have been comfortable talking about in front of people. I think that I will dress more sensible after talking about how we should dress. I will remember to respect my parents more. I do not have any questions as we covered all the topics I would’ve liked to know about. I would like to know about any upcoming events as I had a good time in the forum yesterday.

I loved the workshop and loved learning the different struggles different girls have. The thing I would remember the most is the benefits of having parents. I wouldn’t mind knowing about upcoming events that are happening. I had fun tonight and learned so much.

What I’ll remember most is when you were giving advice on things to do in the household; not to go anywhere with messy hair even if it’s just to the store; to have confidence in everything I do.

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