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What I’ll remember most is when you were giving advice on things to do in the household; not to go anywhere with messy hair even if it’s just to the store; to have confidence in everything I do.

Thanks again for signing our daughter up for this evening’s forum. It was excellent – if I must say so myself!

Shawnette, what an amazing experience my daughter had!  Thank you for allowing her to join.  She came to me full of smiles and excitement after the meeting and is super excited to participate in more activities in the future.

My daughter said she really enjoyed the class.  Learning new things to make her a better person is something that she is looking forward to. Something that she will be doing better is working on her posture and having better communication skills.  She said what she remembers most is to always have a positive attitude which is something she says she needs to work on. One of the things that she says she will need help with is greeting persons that she may have met before but hasn’t seen them in a while. Surprisingly enough she is excited about the class and asked when the next class will be. She even asked if she was having class tonight, lol.

When I found out I was going to Etiquette Class I was extremely mad because my aunt didn’t ask me
if I want to go and I had no choice but I enjoyed it. Aunt Shawnette is a nice lady.

I enjoyed the forum because we covered very interesting topics and talked about some things, I wouldn’t have been comfortable talking about in front of people. I think that I will dress more sensible after talking about how we should dress. I will remember to respect my parents more. I do not have any questions as we covered all the topics I would’ve liked to know about. I would like to know about any upcoming events as I had a good time in the forum yesterday.

I really enjoyed the perspective of other girls, and what we learned overall. I’ve learned to treat my parents better and be nicer to other people.

I liked it. It was fun. The girls were cool and so was our teacher.

I learned new things like how to express my feelings.

The Etiquette Class helped me to do my chores and keep myself tidy and also how to not be interested in fighting.

Thank you for putting on this great program for our children. I wish you well as you continue to empower our children.

I am really glad that I attended the Time For Me Forum.  Seeing and meeting other persons with the same needs and challenges as myself was interestingly empowering.  We are not alone!  I learned a lot tonight but two tips that I will put into practice are setting a cut off time for my tasks on my to-do list and doing something different for myself at least once a week or at least once a month.  Thanks so much for the invite! I feel empowered to carve out more time for myself because I am so worth it!

What I will do differently is take more pride in myself.

Totally enjoyed the Time for Me forum. I learned a lot in a comfortable environment. A lot of information in a short time. Thanks. Looking forward to your next one.

I loved the workshop and loved learning the different struggles different girls have. The thing I would remember the most is the benefits of having parents. I wouldn’t mind knowing about upcoming events that are happening. I had fun tonight and learned so much.

Thank you for having this wonderful class and teaching me all these new things.

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