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The Diary of My September

September, despite the hardships that visited, was a good month – and I made sure of it.  This is my favorite month, not just mainly because it’s the month of my birth 0j 9/11, but because of the weather.  It’s changing.  I prefer the cooler temperatures.  September, however, was not without its challenges and downside.  Bermuda was slammed by Hurricane Humberto much worse than I believe most of us ever anticipated!  But we pulled through it as we always do with the help of our families and friends.  We showed our true Bermudian character.  Meanwhile to the far south of us, Hurricane Dorian left our Bahamian friends devastated by death, destruction, and loss of homes and personal property when he lashed his viciousness upon the island.  Oh what a month!

The month started on the 1st with the Joyiens family picnic – and it was terrific.  We haven’t had one in over 20 years when my second born was recognized as the youngest family member.  He’s now 21.  I love my cousins and enjoyed every moment of us being together.  I took this month for me. I celebrated me.  I pretty much did things I wanted to do and when my actual birthday rolled around I did an impromptu invite to friends to simply come hang out at the beach. I’ve never been a beach fan but I decided this year to find ways to enjoy it.  So far, so good. Reflections of September: time with friends, meeting great new friends, the spa, the hair salon, the nail salon, lobster dinners, coffee catch ups,  the beach, local staycation, progress on my first novel and a new apartment (after 6 months of looking)… I am thankful.  What I’m most thankful for is good news from my annual physical.  My doctor told me I’m in great shape and she’ll see me in a year.  I do not take good health for granted and I pray for all my family and friends who have not been so blessed and who are suffering various ailments.

I’m ready to face the rest of the year ahead – and I can’t wait until the next September.  What about you? What’s been happening good for you lately?

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  1. A nice upbeat read in spite of the challenges faced!
    With health, family and friends the next year looks
    promising for you!

    1. We must plough on. The very old saying that someone else in the world is worse off is true. So much to be thankful for despite it all.

  2. Live your best life always!! Life is too short to worry about others, each day is a gift!!

    I haven’t had much good days lately but I’m forever grateful that God gives me even the toughest of days!!

    1. Through all our trials, there is light! I’m happy that you can ride through the tough times. You are loved!♡

  3. Shawnette you are a great person and friend glad you enjoyed your birthday and other activities. I believe you have to live life to the fulliest cause tomorrow isn’t promise to us!!! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you my friend. You are absolutely correct and I hope that someone reading my article as well as your comment will be inspired to keep on living their life to their happiest potential.

  4. You know I’m all about the BIRTHMONTH. I’m glad you made time to celebrate and enjoy yourself. And I must say the purple dress is just too cute and fun. Carry that same vibrant and thankful energy throughout your days. We appreciate you.

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