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The Girls’ Trip!


Some may turn up their noses at the thought of a bunch of women getting together…let alone getting together for a long period of time: 8 days, 8 nights…all under the same roof! But when good friends select good friends and bring them all together, how does one go wrong? 

I’ve been talking about my trip to Jamaica all seven days since it ended and I have missed everything about it. Yes, all six of us have very different personalities but everyone brought something to the group.  Most of all, we laughed every single day, on many occasions, at something!  We left the house together, and returned together. While out we ate together, we drank together, we socialized together.  After a long day (and night) out and about we respected each other’s space and fell asleep one by one.  Morning came and we did it all again.

There was not one altercation or disagreement among us for the whole trip – and I don’t think any of us ever sensed that there might be unreleased tension brewing either. Everyone was just so easy going and inclusive – a vacation with no concrete agenda.  But we all left feeling excited, fulfilled, relaxed, and ready to plan our next girls’ trip!  To think – most of us knew nobody else in the group.  What a great time! 

I have so much to say about this but as these posts are meant to be short for the purpose of inspiring others, I stop here.  I’ll be doing a follow up video on the benefits of a girls’ trip – but for now I ask, what do you think goes wrong with people who try to do these trips and have them result in a complete flop – never to consider again? And – have you ever done a girls’ trip?  If so, how was it?

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  1. I’ve never done a girls trip, but I have travelled with friends. Good people. What I like most, is when I can’t go anymore, they respect my wishes and let me sleep. Most of the people I’ve travelled with love a good whatever it is they like and I enjoy what ever happens. I’ve never travelled with anyone and prayed to get away. Usually that occurs with family. Lol

    1. Ummmm…’ve traveled with me and Patrice….and we had a blast. Now how dare you forget! We even shared a hotel room. You truly are getting OLD! hahahahahahaaaaaaa We always have fun together. I’m going to plan one with you at a nursery home sometime soon.

  2. There is wisdom in understanding self first to be able to understand the friendships that complement and it requires strength to transition from those that do not. When girl trips go wrong it’s not the trip that is broken but the friendships. Noting here that healthy friendships can go a long way to heal broken people. Having shared this trip, I remain in awe of the beautiful diversity of women. I was inspired, invigorated, and quite frankly humbled at the depth of affection and respect demonstrated by this group of ladies. Cheers!

  3. Happy to hear things went well and that you absolutely enjoyed every aspects of your trip, including your travel partners.

    I’ve never had a girls trip, however, I have always been open to it, with no hesitation. I never get when women speak against working with other women and belittle or nitpik at their behavior. I’ve worked with groups of women over the years and have never had a problem. I believe if you belittle and demean women it is a poor reflection of yourself. I would think entering a girls trip you would have to leave with an open mind a positive attitude, and an expectation to enjoy the trip despite what may present its self.

    1. Your last statement speaks volumes, Kim. It is very true. There’s no way to do these kinds of trips with a closed mind and a bad attitude. It makes everyone miserable and on edge. I hope you get to experience a great girls’ trip soon!

  4. Well.. for starters.. what peoples financial situation is.. its one thing to pay for a trip/travel and another to pay for the day to day expenses during the trip. And’s nothing worse than going on a trip and being around people you do not socialise with on a day to day basis ..who came because your mutual friend invited them.

    I know a group of men do a boyz trip and have been doing it for years… but unless you have the right group of people … it’s a no go.

    It is something I do wish to do though.

  5. I was part of this trip and it was great! . My personality likes zen or alone time to recharge. I was pleasantly surprised on this trip! I had space, did not feel pressured and enjoyed the company of everyone on the trip. If going on a girls trip it is important to go with a group that respects each other’s different personalities.

    1. Soooooooooooo true! And it was truly a pleasure to travel with and have fun with you, Lisa!! Can’t wait for the next one….

  6. It looks like you all had a fantastic trip. It was fun, adventurous as well as relaxing. 😃
    I’ve traveled on a girls trip approximately 10 years ago , the three of us shared a cabin on a cruise ship. The objective was to have fun while enjoying each other’s company. The trip was a lovely.

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