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The Old-Timers Taught Us What It Meant to Assume

Imagine if everything people assumed about you was true.  Where would your life be? What’s most unfortunate in the world today is that not only do people make unfounded assumptions, they add to what they think they know to make the story more believable.  And as if that isn’t enough, they share the full story with anyone who is prepared to listen.  Wouldn’t it be so much better if people would first of all decide what it is about another person’s life that’s so important to them and then approach them face to face to have a conversation about the things for which they are ready to make assumptions about? What people think they know about you, especially information you have not shared, becomes an all important topic. Remember this, however, that as long as you are the topic of discussion in anyone’s circle, it simply means that for that moment in time you are extremely important.  Continue on your journey of progress and success and don’t allow other people’s assumptions of you cause you to sit or back down.

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