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The People In Our Lives

Older folks would say that some people come into our lives for a reason and a season.  I agree.  I made a decision for 2018 that I would meet and/or get around new and different people.  It’s nothing out of the ordinary for me but this decision was a wee bit different: meet new people and hang out with them!  So far, it’s turned out pretty well and I’ve been having the time of the life spending time with people I’ve known casually but never spent time with before as well as spending time with people I never knew.

The past month alone I’ve met some wonderful people for the first time who  I’m almost certain will be friends for life.  I’ve enjoyed every last one of them! None of this discounts the friends I have who I also love spending time with.

Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zones and sometimes that means getting out and about, out of the introvert bubble, and meet new people.  Yes, it’s true that others have so many qualities that we can learn from and some come into our lives to show us a better way of doing things.  We just have to pick wisely and get out and live!

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  1. Yes! I would only add getting to know others who are different opens a whole new world. Different can be age, gender, culture, race , religion and political beliefs. We can learn from and respect the differences without changing who we are as individuals.

  2. I agree with both the original author and Lisa. The book called: B-asic I-nstructuons B-efore L-eaving E-arth, says the same thing. Some people come into our lives for a reason, season and/or a lifetime. Our challenge has always been not being able to distinguish one from another. In turn, those that are supposed to be there for only a reason, we get caught up and want to hold on to them for a lifetime. Getting to different people and experience different cultures can be exciting, delightful, awesome. Stepping out of ones comfort zone can be dangerous as well. Choose wisely. But never turn down an opportunity to learn something different!!!

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