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The Success…or Failure…of Children

Today my youngest niece won two Grand Championship titles in the martial arts competition.  Her art is kung fu – something she’s doing exceptionally well since I signed her up at the age of seven.  As I reflect upon Milahn’s success – which has been consistent throughout her life in just about everything she’s put her mind to – I can’t help but think about the children who don’t do so well.  While some have really good and well-meaning parents, the truth is that many don’t – yet with or without good parents, so many children are not doing well.

Why is that?

Most of us can reflect upon our respective childhood memories and think about that one person – or small circle of people – that we feared! We never wanted to experience their wrath and subsequent pain that ultimately came with it.  We never wanted to disappoint because it was instilled in us that when we left that house we represented the family -whether we were going to the neighbor’s house, somewhere else on the island, or overseas.  We dare not bring shame and disrepute to our family.  In fact, doing brought a certain amount of isolation and finger pointing to you for doing so.

Notwithstanding, some of the best child rearing can go totally awry once those well raised children start socializing with and aligning them with those “not so good” children.  If I had to list 5 of THEE most important ingredients to a child’s success I would say they would be – (and not necessarily in this order): spiritual grounding, at least two activities that promote physical fitness and/or healthy competition, a “village” of committed family members who support the good things they do and are there to assist with the things they don’t always do right, people they can spend quality time with, and a good set of friends with whom they can experience a healthy social life.  Without these key ingredients, our children are destined to be stifled in their growth and therefore stagnant in what could otherwise be opportunities for success.

What’s one thing that was instilled in you as a youngster and how has it helped you?

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  1. Not gonna follow the rules and list one thing because I’m still that child that breaks the rules lol. I’m gonna share 6 things from my Momma and Daddy;
    1. Prayer and faith works!
    2. Don’t sweat the small stuff
    3. Always live by the golden rule
    4. Sacrifice and success go hand in hand
    5. Never bite the hand that feeds you
    6. Never say not my child

    While these may not seem significant to others – as a parent myself they have become the words I live by. One thing that I tell my very well grounded and well accomplished children is, “Hate me now, love me later!” As young women who followed most of my advice – they now love and appreciate me lots!!!

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