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We Really Never Know!

Ever say hello to a person and ask, “How are you doing?” and have the person burst into tears? Just a few seconds prior they looked the perfect picture of togetherness complete with a smile.  Now they are standing before you with tears flowing, and you’re wondering what to do to soothe the situation.  You pry a bit further to find out the cause of the tears and for the next hour or so you are bombarded with a long detailed story about the hardship the person is facing.  You feel helpless and empathetic.  Yet part of you is sorry you asked the original question because now you’re stuck dealing with a situation that wasn’t part of your day.

That has happened to me on more than one occasion.  All plans delayed or canceled because someone is in need.

What’s the point? People tend to ask the question, “How are you?” quite regularly – or if you’re Bermudian you’re likely to hear, “Hah you?” We aren’t really quite prepared for much else beyond, “I”m fine, thank you!” With the stress people seem to be under nowadays, and even without the stress, it’s difficult to read people’s emotions as most resort to keeping to themselves.

We don’t need to delve into people’s personal businesses but what we CAN do is take some time to say something kind to another person because we really never know what another person is going through.  But that one kind word might make the world of difference for that day and the days to come.

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  1. Wow…so true….This happens on a regular between so many encounters with different people daily. You just never know what people are masking. Being kind to that one person could mean more to them at that time than you can ever imagine. I live it…I breathe it…I am it…i have mastered the art of masking. But I know God has a plan for me.

  2. Your last statement has spoken volumes for us all. Believe it and I hope it inspires others now that you have shared it.

  3. I can recall when I first had my daughter and I came home from the hospital with this baby that continued to cry. I had no sleep. I woke up on the first day in my home and took my baby to the nurses practice. Surely all this crying was not what motherhood was about. Nurse Rita asked me how I was, and I burst into tears. I was tired and felt helpless as a mom. Through tears I told Rita that my baby would not stop crying and that my nipples were sore from feeding her, because that’s all she wanted to do. Rita put her finger in my daughter’s mouth and looked at me and said, “she’s hungry!” She said “baby you’re not producing enough for her”. She fixed a bottle of formula for and i watched as Jazz devoured it and settled down immediately. Rita glowed like an angel as I looked at her through tears and my baby sleeping peacefully for the first time since birth. Supplementing was the key to peace for my daughter and me. So thankful that the right person comforted my tears that day and restored my esteem as a new mother.
    FYI – food and sleep still dominate my daughter’s attitude 😁

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