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What does your attitude say about you?

I’m going to keep this brief!  There’s an old saying that many of us would be familiar with: Your attitude determines your altitude!  In short, what you portray determines your success or failure for opportunities. Think about it this way – your attitude wears on you like an outfit!   We all fall short from time to time, but the most consistent attitude is the one most people will remember about you most.  And most people can detect when someone’s attitude is phony or fake!

As a new week starts, put the kindness and genuine sentiments into the attitude you portray.  Not only will others feel better but you will too.

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  1. So very true Shawnette,
    What we do and how we behave directly affects where we land tomorrow. A good attitude regardless of the situation speaks to our character and by the same token so does a bad attitude.

  2. That is what I always tell new associates on my team. It is the number 1 quality of a great employee. Also good for management if they wish to build successful, productive and happy teams.

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