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What Values Are Children Really Learning?

Recently I entered a hair salon and walked in to a verbal spat that sounded like it was about to escalate. It involved a young mother, seemingly in her early 20s, as she sat breastfeeding her baby – and another young female.  The dispute was over a guy.  From what I could gather, this guy, who seemed to be the father of her tiny almost newborn baby, had been interacting with the other female.  

What a sad state of affairs with at least six other patrons in the salon.  She was breastfeeding – an extremely important opportunity for nourishment, bonding, and peace for mother and child. The expletives were being spouted by both females until one left, leaving the mother now grabbing for her cellphone to call the guy and tell him about what had just transpired.  It was clear the he was denying the allegations – but in her frustration she hung up!

My first thought was: THAT POOR CHILD! This female is somebody’s mother. I can’t imagine what this baby might be experiencing in the home.  What an awful display of entertainment for the patrons of the salon.  What an awful situation for the baby!  I go back to the breastfeeding and I ponder – what is this child really being fed?

Children really are out future.  What THREE key characteristics do YOU feel are most important in a child’s development.  Hopefully other mothers can be inspired by your feedback. In the meantime let’s pray for all children who are in undesirable situations.


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  1. Speaking Positively to a child and AROUND a child.
    Adult situations should NEVER be handled around a child
    EDUCATION at home and at school

    1. I remember the old saying that children should be seen and not heard. I don’t know that it’s accurate for this story I have shared BUT I fully agree that in this case the baby had no right to be part of it. All of what you mention are values that were instilled in me. Thank you.

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