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What’s coming to an end?

So 2017 is 3 days short of over! It won’t be long before people will be making new resolutions having hardly completed the ones they made for 2017. Or wait! Were the January 2017 resolutions a thing of the past by January 2nd?

Yes! Another year has gone by and most of us will begin to ponder: “Where has this year gone?” What’s even more reflective is taking inventory of what you accomplished for the year. How have you improved over a 12 month period? What did you do in 2017 that would make your success and/or your happiness more secure?

Who says goals have to be set at the beginning of a year?  Why not start now – at the end of the year?  Yes. The year is ending but your dreams don’t have to. Whatever held you back has to end.  Let’s start now to make the next year one of your best ever!  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!


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  1. Each year, I resolve to do what God would have me to do.

    Therefore, each year begins with a 21 day Daniel Fast (This is year ten of the Fast)

    Then I live each next day, running after the will of God.

    2017 was GREAT! It had highs and lows, successes and a little failure… a good and wonderful mixture, called life.

    God works it all out for my good and I win doing His will.

    Should we cross over to 2018, I will do the same. Consistency yields great results.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Amen! You have been a trooper in 2017…fighting battles that others didn’t have the courage to fight. And look now! You’re still standing!! I love the way you start your year…….all the best and may 2018 be even greater for you! Thanks for sharing your inspiring thoughts.

  2. The ending of one year and beginning of another is always inspiring to me. It gives me the chance to forget about what went wrong and start again fresh. But you’re right, we don’t have to wait until a new year. Each new day, hour, minute is another opportunity to begin anew. Why wait? We can begin again right now!

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