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What’s some life lessons we can learn from the Superbowl?

Two teams have come out victorious from their respective NFC and AFC divisions to the be all and end all of the NFL.  They’ve worked hard and put in the work required to get to their tops positions despite the naysayers.  They’re there! Superbowl 52 will kick off shortly and millions will watch and hope for a particular outcome.  HOPE! When all is said and done someone will cry tears of joy while others may cry tears of disappointment.  But for now, HOPE remains alive and well.

There are things in our lives that we put a lot of time and effort into.  Along the way there are naysayers and people who may even been rooting for our failure.  There are people who are disappointed when we don’t get the end result we have been desiring.  But through the entire journey we aspire to hope!

One of the many great benefits of coming out on top is that we can stop for a moment to either rest or plan out carefully our next move.  Coming out without the victory we wanted can cause us to give up to never try again or to revisit our game plan and go at it one more time with a different approach. Either way, we must never give up on the HOPE that we will achieve that which we set out to accomplish.

May the best team reign victorious.

Can you recall a time when you worked really hard at something and didn’t get the result you wanted only to keep on trying to get the outcome you wanted? Tell us about it.

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