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Where is your motivation?

November 30, 2017

What motivates you? Or does it depend on that for which you need motivation? Some people are motivated by money. Some are motivated by encouraging words of others. Some are motivated by other people’s mistakes while for some the main catalyst is self. Whatever it is, you deserve to showcase your best self and your best skills and give this world that for which you were purposed. Procrastination is the mother of defeat when it comes to the setting and accomplishing of goals. She is tightly aligned to negativity that can come from any source. Together procrastination and negativity rob us of our potential. Our goals then fall flat and become a thing of the past.

Today I encourage you to set a goal or revisit one that has not yet come to fruition for any reason. Take a chance. Take risks. Set a time line – and go for it!  What you want to achieve is out there. There is far more within you than you are showing. It’s never too late. Start today.

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  1. I am motivated to live the best life with God’s blessings daily. My journey is to touch the lives of people and to leave a legacy here on earth.
    If I can touch a life of anyone in my journey then I will know that my work here is purposeful and significant.

  2. I am motivated by God’s love to do my best as a daughter, mother, wife, friend and nana. I am motivated by God’s love to show and give unconditional love to my two precious grandaughters. I love spending quality time with them and my motivation to do well comes from their happy faces when we just giggle and play together. As a woman, I am also motivated to spend quality time with me. I take me time and enjoy the fact that I can do that. I am highly favored and blessed!

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