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Which grabs your attention: Negative or Positive

There’s nothing like a “juicy” piece of gossip…about somebody else, a story gone terribly wrong…about somebody else, a hard luck story…about somebody else, bad news…about somebody else…a news story of a bad deed done….by somebody else.  Ironically these situations generate a lot of discussion among friends and family and a frenzy of backlash from social media if posted.  And folks just don’t stop.  They have solutions for everything or at least they think they do.  Emotions run high.  Whatever is on the mind drips off the lips or off the finger tips for a typed response! 

To the contrary, when there’s positive news – something worth celebrating, someone worth uplifting, someone worth words of encouragement, something to edify one’s life in a positive way, folks are deathly quiet.

This bothers me greatly!

We ALL fall short, and many people are able to “catch themselves” and recognize that they could be potentially heading down a path of contradiction and opposition. But a change in what draws us in requires a change of mindset.  Have we become so immune to bad news or so engrained in it that the negative has taken over the ability to just be kind and positive? What causes this drift in human behavior to dwell on the negative?  Your thoughts?

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  1. There is so much hate in the world today. Some people wake up with chips on their shoulders every morning. Some people have to always be the first bearer of bad news. Kids carry parental burdens… and the beat goes on.

    Instead of us looking at those situations like ‘that could be me’ and befriend the person(s) who struggles with situations as above, we compare ourselves and stick out our chest and look down on them. There’s too much competition with kids, teens and adults today.

    Some people don’t like us simply because we have a good grain of hair, we have a flawless complexion, cute dimples, always smiling or a 38-28-38 figure. Guys are guilty also doing similar things. If we were genuinely happy with ourselves, accepted the things we cannot change and changed the things we can, then we wouldn’t have such cold hearts to pick out flaws and gossip about one another. Remember children learn what they live and if they see us adults bad mouthing others it will become a part of their everyday living.

    If we spread the love of Jesus like we spread gossip we would’t be such cold hearted people looking for ways to degrade and undermine others worth.

    There’s some good in the worst of us!

  2. Positive news always grabs attention but negative news holds it better in today’s society.

    People love a feel good story but it almost always has no follow up unless it has bad news attached to it (see many of the “where are they now stories”).

    Another thing about bad news it helps to create something adversarial and humans love to hate someone or something and modern news shows it in a way where you can look at something pick a “team” and follow through with blind hatred if you don’t bother to fact check.

    Personally I try to watch the positive but be aware of the negative while looking at both sides but you will find that if you want to see more good news, you will have to look for it not wait for it to be given to you as it tends to be buried.

  3. It seems negative news is what many gravitate towards and that is so sad. Many will believe something about someone without even knowing the facts. As most say ” it comes from a good source. Well good or bad we need to begin to truly adopt a positive mindset. One where we refuse to.listen to one bringing others down. We can stop them you know! Im getting to the point where im asking God to help me.see past ones faults. To to no matter what, keep a mindset of love. Easy? No but worth doing!

    1. Absolutely. I am getting better at stopping people in their tracks also! Practiced it today and felt better. Sad thing is the person was talking about someone I know very well! We all have to do better. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I think that often times people practice learned behavior. If you grew up around gossip/judgement at the hair salon, kitchen table, church meetings (yea- it happens there too), PTA, social clubs, there is a good chance judgement is the filter you use to process a “juicy” story. As a result, you are likely to judge or gossip.
    I honestly believe most people don’t enjoy seeing others hurt or struggling. Many just need their filters changed and replaced with compassion and GRACE

    1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your last statement. So true. I have actually stopped going to certain salons for the very reason you cited. It’s a place for me to RELAX not to be consumed with negativity! Thanks for your contribution. I hope someone will be INSPIRED by what you have shared…

  5. I think that most people are not really happy, when good things happen to others. They almost resent your success.
    People do not like the Phoenix who rises from the ashes.
    Take it from a Phoenix. People prefer to offer shallow well wishes when they think you have fallen . However when they have found out how far you have risen, it’s a hard pill. That’s when you see the resentment. The disengenuous.
    How people prefer the negative gossip. I think because deep down , they need to feel better than, because they are not pleased with self. They will never admit it though.

  6. Its soo easy to hold on to a childs old, torn n filthy blankie..its pungent aroma tho not at all pleasant numbs our senses of whats real and what isnt. To think u can get cut, jump into deep waters n no shark will come by is a very ignorant mindframe. #staywoke

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