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Who gave you the “hook up?”

Ideas to write often come from a conversation I’ve had or heard or something I’ve seen.  And this one is no exception.

I’m reflecting tonight on people who have jobs and positions, not because they’re really any good at what they do, but because they knew somebody! Don’t get me wrong – sometimes those are the best kind of “hook-ups” when one truly knows your full ability and believes without a shadow of a doubt that you will be an asset to the place of employment.  There’s nothing like having a group of like-minded people working together and aiming for common goals. The end result: great results. Harmony in the work place. Collective decision making. Flex-time. Why? Because everyone pretty much wants the same thing.

But what happens when those “hook ups” amount to a working arena that leaves everybody wondering what the heck is really going on here? How did he/she get this position? And then you quickly answer your own question. He/She knew somebody who knew somebody who….well….knew somebody else.  Don’t you just hate that? I sure do.

When you are raised with great work ethics and have spent many years crafting your skills, proving to “all and sundry” your worth after, of course, you’ve proven it to yourself, there’s nothing worse than some peon coming along with the “hook up” who doesn’t know his/her butt from the elbow draining the oxygen from the space in the work place.

What qualities do you have that you know you’ve worked really heard to develop – but it just doesn’t seem good enough? Your sharing could inspire someone else who feels like giving up after viewing all the “hook ups” to keep on keeping on!

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