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Who have you hurt?


I read a Facebook status written by a young woman as she documented the loneliness and pain she experienced from childhood to adulthood.  The reason? She looked distinctly different than others.  As I read her story, I could feel her pain and I wondered how much of life she must have missed as a result of the ill will and deliberate isolation from others.  And then I felt a sense of pride for her to finally be able to let it all out.  I particularly like one of the comments from someone who stated that she wished she had been a better friend while in school with this young woman during their younger years. Decades have passed by and while we can’t undo the past or rewrite the lines of history attached to this story, it’s never too late to reach out and to show kindness and to admit that the bitterness you once displayed has become a thing of your past.  We just never know what another person is enduring yet sometimes through our selfishness we add to their pile of hurt that they are already trying to get rid of.  

I challenge you today to reflect upon a past incident where you actually hurt someone and to reach out and simply apologize.  No long speech necessary – but let that person know that you have come to terms with what you did and help brighten another’s day. 


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  1. Done and it was well received. Thank you. That was 7 years of baggage for both me and the person I hurt. Thank you.

  2. Whilst I can not remember hurting anyone, I do know how it feels to get hurt especially when you try your best to fit in. People during certain age levels hurt people for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes they are dealing with problems and that’s their way of making them feel good. Others may do it to be liked. I would never forget the feeling of ending it all just because of the way I was treated. But know that was then, this is now. Getting and accepting apologies is a huge step for both parties. And no I would never ever want to go back.

    1. As I read this my first thoughts are that I’m so glad you gave yourself the chance at life that you deserve. Others can tear people down but you stood tall and I know you have a great story to share with others who have had their self esteem shredded. Well done, Diana! Keep smiling and I wish you all the happiness you deserve.

  3. Thanks Shawnette for the encouraging words. Nowadays I have a normal life as a wife and mother and it gets stressful at times. Yet I still love what I Do and sharing my Ichthyosis story is just one thing I do. I have a busy life as I love helping my community, active church member and also a parent rep for my son’s school, but wouldn’t change it for the world. Anyone want 2 children, aged 14 yo girl and 7 yo boy? Lol please continue to follow my story on Facebook under my name. Thanks

  4. I’m a busy bee, which I have read that that can be a sign of loneliness. That’s probably right, as I don’t have many friends. I’d love to,be able to get around people my own age.

    1. I’d like to encourage you to join an organization that engages in something you enjoy. Thanks for sharing……

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