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Who loves YOU?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I can imagine the stress some people are feeling as it pertains to how they will “satisfy” or “please” their loved one with the right bunch of flowers, the right restaurant for dinner, the right gift, or that right opportunity to pop the question with a marriage proposal.

Putting all of that aside, just imagine what life would be like on Valentine’s Day and every day of the year if you showered yourself with love, bought yourself nice things, treated yourself to flowers, and a good breakfast or dinner  even if it’s a take out.  We spend a lot of time trying to love others and show others how we feel and often neglect ourselves.  For this calendar designed love week I encourage you to do something really special for you. Remind yourself that you love you – and be happy!

What’s something good that you do for yourself fairly regularly – or something you will do for yourself this week?



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